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From just a recent new post, I learned it is important to clarify login and search area in a webpage to create better UX.–Post “The Danger of Using Home Page Login Fields
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Author: eddyzhuo

Think about your day, seen like brake into two part: online -- offline. And then think about your time when you are shopping in the grocery stores, you will look what is better with a better price. Same thing apply to surfing online, we should be able to identify what is good and bad website, use good product that worthy your time, instead only being passive. Hello my name is Eddy, a master of computer graphics technology student in Purdue University. Let us use the web, think about it, discuss on it, and create a better and friendlier user experience WWW.

One thought on “Subscribe to New Blog RSS, New way to connect with other UI expert.”

  1. Nice blog Eddy. It just so happens to be the one I found. What did you like about it? I found many things that I can use later down the road in my future projects.

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