RAA: Web Page design with Gestalt Principle

Lisa, G. (2008). Gestalt theory in interactive media design. Journal of Humanities & Social Science 2(1).

Web design is a young form of design, it only been around for a couple of decades since the invention of World Wide Web. The original gestalt concept defines, “A collection of physical, biological, psychological or symbolic entities that creates a unified concept, configuration or pattern which is greater than the sum of its parts (of a character, personality, or being).” In web design, gestalt concept means that when elements are combined together, they will act more effective to users than a single element with itself. There are many different principles derived from the gestalt concept. Proximity, similarity, symmetry, figure-ground and also closure are widely use in design especially in web design process.

Just like this simple example of continuation principle can help user to understand the web content pattern. If a web designer can combine many these principles and apply it to the web, it can greatly improve web usability for site users.


Author: eddyzhuo

Think about your day, seen like brake into two part: online -- offline. And then think about your time when you are shopping in the grocery stores, you will look what is better with a better price. Same thing apply to surfing online, we should be able to identify what is good and bad website, use good product that worthy your time, instead only being passive. Hello my name is Eddy, a master of computer graphics technology student in Purdue University. Let us use the web, think about it, discuss on it, and create a better and friendlier user experience WWW.

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