About time to get our hand into the Design process.

Before this point, we have learned about everything we need to start designing a user product.

Chapter 7, 8, 9 in the UX book helps us understand the process from preparing to doing.
The Chapter 7 of the cooper’s book highlights the actual design process.

In our new project, we have the chance to creating personas, scenarios, user cases, and eventually advance to design requirements.
Without analyzes and investigates real user data, designer is difficult to create product with a user-centered perceptive.

Conceptual design helps designer to communicate their idea through a form that other can understand through word and sketch.
Many time designers understand the users through personas, scenarios, user cases, so the conceptual design process can be successful.

In the making of a product, conceptual design is essential for the designer concrete their idea into the whole story,
the “persona” in a “scenario” trying the “user case” in a easy understand visual way. Designers use sketch to quickly visualize the whole story on paper.

sketches have low fidelity helps design to identify user need  medium (wireframes); or high (prototypes). Design what you need in your new project can greatly reduce usability problem in the end.


Author: eddyzhuo

Think about your day, seen like brake into two part: online -- offline. And then think about your time when you are shopping in the grocery stores, you will look what is better with a better price. Same thing apply to surfing online, we should be able to identify what is good and bad website, use good product that worthy your time, instead only being passive. Hello my name is Eddy, a master of computer graphics technology student in Purdue University. Let us use the web, think about it, discuss on it, and create a better and friendlier user experience WWW.

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