Difficult process but where all the value come from: Analysis and Evaluation

UX Book Chapter 16 & 17

Hartson, R., & Pyla, P. S. (2012). The UX Book: Process and Guidelines for Ensuring a Quality User Experience. Waltham, MA: Elsevier Science.

After last week post about preparing and conducting usability testing, this week reading on analysis and evaluation are more difficult but I believe where it make the different in the whole usability study process.

One thing I find really helpful in the book is the author use the metaphor of the process of the diagnostic of a disease, from finding the problem to treatment to cure confirmation. Some time we thing treating the problem is just to fix the problem immediately.  But actually is the more important in life to find out what really cause the problem, and change our thinking instead fixing the problems on the spot.

Another principle for me to live by is don’t just fix problem, make sure the fixes are not causing new problem. So we won’t dive into a endless cycle.

Just one another point (I promise), how to present the data? Pie chart, bar chart on and on. But maybe we can think of better way to visualize of data is very important. A good image worth a thousand word and more. Not only 3D data visualization, but maybe 4D with time changing, this way we can find trend of the data in a boarder scale.

Be wise to use and present the user data you have work so hard to collect!

[image thanks to http://tumrai.com/images/e/e7/Time_where_we_live.jpg]


Author: eddyzhuo

Think about your day, seen like brake into two part: online -- offline. And then think about your time when you are shopping in the grocery stores, you will look what is better with a better price. Same thing apply to surfing online, we should be able to identify what is good and bad website, use good product that worthy your time, instead only being passive. Hello my name is Eddy, a master of computer graphics technology student in Purdue University. Let us use the web, think about it, discuss on it, and create a better and friendlier user experience WWW.

2 thoughts on “Difficult process but where all the value come from: Analysis and Evaluation”

  1. Speaking of usability, I accidentally tried “rolling over the map to learn more” and it took me a second to remember that you have just posted the plain image 😦

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