Visualize our blog now possible

After Dr. V. emailed me the midterm evaluation. I was very impress about the word cloud, it help me identify what was the most important characteristic other teammates think about me immediately.  Find out it was a web tool call Wordle makes this possible.

Here is my UX blog in a glance

And I create a feed for all our CGT 512 class blog,

Here is the word visualization of it:

I am so happy I found this tool, this way is easy to find users or experts trend about any topic quickly. And maybe change my focus toward more user-centered.

Go try it yourself, but watch the time! Please let me know if you come across other great data visualization tool. Thanks.


Author: eddyzhuo

Think about your day, seen like brake into two part: online -- offline. And then think about your time when you are shopping in the grocery stores, you will look what is better with a better price. Same thing apply to surfing online, we should be able to identify what is good and bad website, use good product that worthy your time, instead only being passive. Hello my name is Eddy, a master of computer graphics technology student in Purdue University. Let us use the web, think about it, discuss on it, and create a better and friendlier user experience WWW.

5 thoughts on “Visualize our blog now possible”

    1. Hello mbrockly, it happen to me also, I think wordle have some issue on their tool. But if you get the gray box just hit the not working? and try it again, it usually work after that. The actual process take under 1 second. Enjoy!

  1. These word cloud visualizations are cool, but it also has a lot of limitations. For example, can you clearly and quickly distinguish your blog theme with that of all our blogs? And with other UX professionals’ blogs? They might just look very much similar. If you just want a glance over, it’s quite useful, if you want a bit more specific insights, then not that useful. It all depends on your goals. You can check this whitepaper on visualization I shared in my blog. It talks about all these.
    For more visualization tools you can check IBM Many Eyes ( and Tableau (

    1. Thank you Cindy, That why I suggest that don’t spend too much time on Wordle. Explorer better way to visualize data is a ongoing process! Try 3D data visualization or maybe 4D visualization with time progress.

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