Well, usability blogs where are we go from here?

After a great semester of blogging about UX, and reading many interesting blog posts from all my friends in class. I think I will really miss the interaction in class, as well as everyday try to check it there are any comments to reply.

But now come to the end of this course, it this the end of our blog? To many of you maybe, but you can choose to continue this journey on UX research and discovery. If you are passion about UX design, this definitely a great start and addition to your career portfolio.

Other things can make our blog more user-centered after the grading of our blog:

1.  Change our categories name to more user-centered, like Class RAA can be called User-experience Research Article. [Don’t confuse our readers, especially our potential employer]

2. Add a new useful resource tab to show readers some useful UX blogs, tools, websites, and etc. [Help reader to quickly locate useful information, and this can help other to search our blog]

3. Continue finish reading all the blog posts from our classmates which we had missed and leave comments. [Learn more, encourage everyone to keep blogging outside of the class]

OK, enjoy finals and keep on blogging on!!


Discover secret message from WordPress, it this user-centered? Or an April fool joke?!

Have you ever use the revision function in WordPress, when I was trying to compare revision but suddenly,

Compare Revision

A secret message appear, it is Danger!?

Danger!01Danger!02Danger!03 Danger!04 Danger!05 Danger!06

Is this part of the April fool matrix joke, and why I have to wait for the message to type out?

Try it yourself, scare your friend, maybe! I don’t think this is user-centered, maybe designer think this is funny, but this can make the user feel bad and helpless.