Sort by Magic, who is using it really!

Did you notice when you use google reader, now you can sort your rss feed posts by “Magic”

What does this mean? Find out this sort option provide a more personalize ranking for individual user by learning what are the most interested posts to individual over time. Does this mean just like google search, you never know what you really will get? (half of the time, you have in your first 5 search result, really?)[find more information post]

And this playful name is kind of confuse to me just like other product “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in the google’s home page. Those feature’s name are not only confusing to the user,¬†ironically, it costs the company 100 million dollars a year when 1% user search directly go to the website bypassed all the google ads. Does this means playfulness sometime have great cost? Great idea needs to back up by good user data in order to create great product at the end.

Do you use these features at all? What should we rename them?


Firefox Browser Blinking Cursor Problem – Caret Browsing

Today something strange happens. While I start to browse the web with Firefox, the cursor is start blinking, the webpage start to feel like a word document. When I start using the down arrow, the cursor move line by line instead of the normal page scroll. It is so annoying after a while, because the page will not scroll right. This change of Firefox violate usage consistent. I google on this matter, I found this post
Turn off Caret Browsing by pressing F7 key. Try it yourself, what other feature you think your browser should be more friendly?

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