Design and desire what you want to learn.

Thank you Dr. V. for helping me think when you said:”Design what you want to learn, take charge of your education!” in the first CGT 512 Class.

After listening to all my classmates’ self introductions, I realize everyone come from different background, and different goal in life. It is hard enough to design a product to fit most people’s need or a group of people’s need (like CGT master students), let alone to design a educational program to fit different people’s need. I believe this is not only our professor’s job, but our reprehensibility to desire what should we learn. And we are not doing it alone, each of us can play a vital role with our strength. It take me two years master study to realize the important of learning it your way and together at the same time.

My wishes is everyone will have a vision of how can your education be benefit to you life after this semester classes end.

Happy Blogging and commenting!