Pervasive Usability Before or Say Sorry After.

Week 6 Reading Reflection

Brinck, T., Gergle, D., & Wood, S.D. (2002). “Chapter 1” Designing Web Sites That Work: Usability for the Web. (pp. 12-35). Morgan Kaufmann.

After reading the introduction on pervasive usability design progress, the idea of evaluating throughout the each design phases appear far more important than people realize. Pervasive usability should not be only use in web design, but also should use across many other industry design progress. If we do not have the mind set of evaluating throughout the whole production cycle, then the only way to find out the performance and quality of the product can only be examining the final product. This seen to be very risky, but in many cases, industry accepts this concept by using the excuses of time and cost. This often cause companies many more resources to fix it. Microsoft have created their own “fix it center”, and millions of unhappy users. And by integrate this concept to our own Academia study, we may do an evaluation in every step, identify any issues, and try to fix it. we can stop many heartache later. Don’t say sorry later, pervade first.