Wireframes start from designer’s perspective vs. user’s perspective

In Class yesterday, we get to have hand on experience to create a wireframe for a iphone app.

In the beginning of the class, Dr. V. tries to encourage to find the relation between Engineering, Human Information Processing (HIP), and Experience-focus (phenomenological). One builds on the previous one, from only care about working advance to easy to use, and into pleasant to use.

It is interesting some group built their wireframe base the working functionality, some group are trying to create the app to be pleasant to use, and our group fall into the paradigm of HIP, created our app for ease to use, straight forward on what can the user do and do it efficiently. I still think many steps in our app are redundant, and illuminate them can create a better user-experience. For example, a student want to check his cumulative GPA, he or she should find it quickly instead of have to go through hurdles to get to it or 10 different ways to get to the same information. Although I am very impress to see some of the complex app wireframe in only two hours, often I heard what they can offer to the user instead of what do the user really want. And of course we will have to base on some research data to tell us what the user’s goal is.

Thank you all for the efforts put into this class project, it is very pleasant to explore, good experience-focus project, Dr. V.