Mapping, is it that difficult in life?

Which side should the computer in the computer lab? So many time I have use the computer in a public lab and mistakenly plug in my flash drive to the wrong computer. And realize I am wrong after 5 minutes because I can not find my flash drive folder. I was embarrassed about it. But after couple time, I wonder is this my own false or  can the design of the lab can do something to help me , a graduate student to better find my place. It is place the computer on the right the solution? How about the people who is left handed, will they want the computer on their left? Personally, if the computer monitor have USB port build-in or a extension cable for the USB cable can illuminate this mapping problem once for all. But if the cost is not allowed, we can use a screen -> arrow to indicate the locate of the main computer or just a sticker can be very helpful.

Other example of mapping problem I found is imagine when you try to find a class room for the first time, have you ever pass the door of the class room, then you realize you have passed and have to go back. This happen to my many time. Why can the room signs place before the room? I believe with a little through, we can design product that fit the user nature behavior.

What other real life story which you have encountered some of these usability issues? Next time we design something think about who will use it.