Project meeting management tool help schedule meeting

For the past two week, we have the opportunities to work with others to finish some team project in class.

Somehow, I had the privilege to help organize group meeting.

So purposely, I picked two of the online meeting scheduling tools Doodle and Tungle to help schedule different group meeting.

Doodle Screenshot


1.  Meeting schedule is simple, don’t require to create a account.

2. Easy manageable admin page, allow use to editor event quickly.

3. Automatic Email notification when different people sign up a time.

4. Users can access the event with a link.


1. Users beside the admin are not allowed to propose a new time.

2. No Calendar view when creating a new events, it is only for viewing the event.

Tungle screenshot


1. Interactive one click new time slot adding new events in calendar view.

2. All participants are allowed to propose a new time

3. Easy event reminder to admin and other participant if any participants didn’t reply.


1. Require participant to create a account or other social account login (google, twitter, facebook) for each participants.

2. User can not join the meeting without a invitation from admin.

The Doodle scheduling is ready to use, we have a easier time using it as a team, although non-admin participants, they can easy to common and admin can add a time slot from the request. Doodle is great for simple event meeting schedule even you don’t know the number of participants. In the other hand, Tungle offer more features,  but it is better to use it in company environment for more security and contact searches. Personally, doodle is much more use-centered and friendly to use.

Go try them out yourself, please let me know if uses other meeting manage application, and compare them.